Article: Motorola CLIQ Redefines “Connection”

Media Credit: Motorola

Eventually, social networking on phones is going to keep us constantly connected with all of our friends in real time. In an article I wrote this week for the Occidental Weekly, I talk about an upcoming phone from Motorola—the CLIQ—that will take us several steps closer to that reality. Here’s the article lead:

I am connected to all my friends right now. I’m also connected to them when I’m in the quad or on top of Mt. Fiji. That’s because I’ve got all my social networks – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn – on my phone.

I cannot say whether or not it’s a good thing to be connected to everyone all the time, nor do I know what the larger implications are for a society that revolves around being constantly connected. But what I do know is this – it’s what people want.

The consumer electronics companies know this too. Motorola is hoping that it will save their butts.

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