Article: Windows 7 takes PCs in a New and Improved Direction


Windows 7 has generated more buzz and hype than anything Microsoft has released in a long time. People are crazy excited about it, but does the product live up to the buzz? I give my impressions on Microsoft’s new OS in an article I wrote in this week’s Occidental Weekly. Here’s the article lead:

Yesterday, Windows 7 finally came out. With all the lead-up, television ads, and hype, it feels like this launch has been coming forever. Luckily, it seems that all of this hype has been justified.

Since Vista came out, people have been waiting for a successor that addressed the flaws people saw in the operating system. Vista had performance issues, overzealous security measures, and could take minutes to boot on some computers. By all accounts, Windows 7 has significantly better performance than Vista. Plus, Windows 7 smartly keeps the elements where Vista was a step forward, including the user-interface improvements and eye-candy that it brought to the table.

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