Skype Releases iPhone Client

Media Credit: Skype

It is exciting and a big deal for iPhone users. I’ve already stated my love for Skype, and what a revolution I believe internet calling is going to bring. Cheap/free calls from my cell phone sound too good to be true.

… And for the moment they are — I can’t get the app to work on my phone. Everytime I try and log in with the application, I get the message: “No Network Connection. Please check your network settings and try again.” I’ve tried everything — restarting the phone, resetting my network settings, uninstalling and reinstalling the application — but nothing has been successful. Just for the record, I am running a first gen iPhone (2G) with 2.2 firmware.

While my problem seems to be more rare, other people are having different issues, such as the application crashing or lagging.

Nevertheless, Skype for iPhone should catch on like wildfire, once Skype works out all the bugs in their application. Skype is already available on other smartphone platforms, but the iPhone will bring mobile Skype into the lives of everyday, non-techie people. This could be bad news for AT&T.

For those looking to give Skype for iPhone a try, the link is here (note, opens U.S.  iTunes store).

(One more thing to note:  unlike Skype mobile clients for some other devices, the Skype for iPhone app currently doesn’t support voice calls over 3G. While voice calls over WiFi are nice, once Skype adds 3G support their app will become many times more useful… and AT&Ts nightmare will be many times greater.)

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